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Welcome to  www.behappy.com.my . All our products are READY STOCK,  BRAND NEW and  guaranteed 100% AUTHENTIC! 欢迎来到 BeHappy 购物网!所有产品都是正品, 新品!! 全现货!  

2018-12-02 22:14:16
10th Anniversary Free Gift
FREE " Miniature Fruit Jars!
To celebrate our 9th birthday, spend MYR100 (USD25) get 2 FREE dollhouse miniature fruit jars!
Randomly send. While stock lasts.

2018-11-29 00:19:29

FREE "Sylvanian Families" 2019 Destop Calendar!
( Malaysia Version )
Buy up to MYR 300*/USD 75* (not included shipping cost) will get 1 FREE !
*Only for Sylvanian Families products, one free calendar per order, NOT entitled for any Budget Corner and promotion Items, while stock lasts.

免費"森林家族" 2019 桌历!
( 马来西亚版 )
買上馬幣300*/美元75* (不包括郵費) 將免費獲得精美桌历一份!
*只限購買森林家族產品, 不包括Budget Corner 与清货产品.
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Accept Chinese Yuen

Welcome oversea buye

[Payment Methods]

FAQ 常见问题

  • 步驟一:首次在本站購物的朋友們請先加入本站會員,到『SIGNUP』的地方輸入您慣用的Email帳號以及密碼,即可完成申請動作。

  • 步驟二:點選喜愛的商品,詳細瀏覽商品之規格、說明及金額﹐點選『Put into Cart』。

  • 步驟三:於購物車列表確認購買品項、數量及金額,若欲繼續選購請點選繼續購物『Continue』,或直接按結帳『Check Out』後送出。

  • 步驟四:詳細填寫寄送資料、付款方式﹐送出訂單,即完成訂購!

  • 步驟五:选择Offline Payment 的顾客, 请在转帐后以Email﹑SMS或線上留言聯絡我们﹐选择 Online Payment 的顾客则只需要等我们确认转帐。



进入"订单状态",您可點選訂單編號,即可查詢該訂單目前狀況。"Wait" 表示我们正处理你的订单, "Sent" 表示我们已经邮寄你的产品。



付款後會在1-3日發貨, 本地快郵通常2-7日可抵達 (不包含星期六、日、國定假日) 海外國家很難預測郵件抵達時間﹐ 本公司恕不承擔。


海外顧客邮费如何计算, 請參考以下連接: Link

因为玩具比较大件,如包裹在 30cm 以下我们採用“Pos Laju”寄送。
如果包裹超出 “Pos Laju” 会征收额外的体积运输费 (Volumetric Weight),我们将会以“普通挂号包裹付邮件追踪号码” (Pos Domestik) 寄出。

*请注意如需要更改去Pos Laju (马来西亚地区):如包裹在30cm以上,Pos Laju 会征收额外的体积运输费(Volumetric Weight), 就是以箱子的体积大小计算, 而不是以商品的实际重量来征收的运费,  所以这会比普通邮包贵很多,如要求客户“Pos Laju” 寄送,将被要求支付额外邮资费用,顾客可以在付款前,留下讯息在 Memo 处,我们会尽快提供报价。


  • 西馬 RM 8.00 (買上RM250.00 既獲免郵)
  • 東馬 1公斤起重 RM 11.00,每续重500克加收 RM3.00。
  • 海外国家我们使用掛號空郵(Pos Malaysia) ,邮费则视国家而定。
    所有寄出的邮件都有邮寄追踪号码,顾客可以进入"Order Status"邮件追踪网址追踪邮件的行踪。
  • Pos Malaysia 的邮件追踪网址。


2:点击 "订单状态" 按鈕。
4:当您的发货状态为 “Sent”后,订单包裹号码和查询地址将会显示在"订单状态"里


我们只提供網上購買, 不提供上门参观选购。

Email : behappyshop@gmail.com / service@behappy.com.my
Contact Number : +6012-2917221/ +6012-3750993 (任何询问请电邮,此电话只是给予ATM与下线汇款通知)


How to buy?
  • Step 1: Please apply for membership before your first shopping. Please enter your Email account and password in 『SIGNUP』 to complete the application process.
  • Step 2: Please click your favorite products, view the detailed product specifications, descriptions and amounts, and click the『Put into Cart』.
  • Step 3: Please confirm the items, quantity and amount the in the shopping cart list, and you may click 『Continue』 to continue shopping, or click『Checkout 』to make payment.
  • Step 4: Please fill in the detailed logistic information, method of payment, and then send the order to complete the shopping.
  • Step 5: If you choose the offline payment, after payment done please contact us by Email, SMS or online message to contact us. If you choose the online payment, please check the transfer confirmation.

How to pay?

Please see our『payment method』.

Order inquiries:
Please enter the "ORDER STATUS", and input your order number to check the current order status. "Wait" means we are processing your order, "Sent" means we have delivered your product.

If the product you ordered has not been delivered, you may modify the remarks to inform us as you need.

Delivery of products:
We will deliver the products within 1-3 days after your payment. It always takes 2-7 days for local Express Mail (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). We do not provide overseas Express Mail because it’s hard to ensure the arrival time.

The order confirmed after 11am shall be deemed as the order of next day. The order confirmed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays or any specific rest day informed at company’s website shall be deemed as the order of the first working day after the vacation.

Postage and Shipping Methods

Overseas Customers How to Check Shipping Fee: Link

We adopt "Pos Laju" delivery to Malaysia for the parcel length below 30cm, if parcel weight is heavy and size exceed limit,we will post it by "Pos Domestik" with tracking number.

** Please take note for customers request change to Pos Laju (Malaysia): if the parcel length above 30cm and weight is heavy and size exceed limit, compare with "Pos Domestik", "Pos Laju" will be more expensive than "Pos Domestik". Because parcel are normally calculated by weight and volume measurements of the parcel size.
Customers is requested to pay additional postage charges for using Pos Laju. Customers can leave message at Memo corner before making a payment, we will send the quotation as soon as possible.

Postage is as follows:

  • West Malaysia: RM 8.00  (purchase RM250 or above will get free shipping)
  • East Malaysia: RM 11.00 for the first 1kg, RM3 for each additional 500g.
  • We adopt Registered Airmail/Parcel (Pos Malaysia)  for Overseas Delivery, and the postage varies according to the destination place.
  • All mails we delivered have tracking number, and you can tack it by visiting the mail tracking website.
  • The Overseas Registered Airmail/Parcel tracking website of Pos Malaysia.

How to check shipping and delivery information

2:Click "Order Status" button.
3:Go to the order you want to track
4: When your item has "Sent", your carrier tracking number will be updated in online Order Status. 
Please see ourHow to track shipment

Online Service

We offer items for purchase online only and strictly do not offer item viewing.

If you have any questions, please contact us
Email : behappyshop@gmail.com / service@behappy.com.my
Contact Number : +6012-2917221/ +6012-3750993 (Anything please email, these phone numbers just for ATM and offline bank transfer notification)

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